Commercial & Business Law

We offer comprehensive advisory legal services for companies and individuals, from the establishment of the legal entity, the "everyday business" matters, the debt managements and settlements, the representation in courts, the financing solutions and the business plan creation, to the acquisitions, mergers, and expansion.

Business Team partners reading a document before signing contract agreement was signed co-investment managers team working with new startup project in office room. Selective focus.

Civil & Criminal Litigation

We adopt a proactive approach to dispute resolution and consider litigation as an integral part of our clients' business strategy. Our expertise covers various types of litigation, from straightforward yet impactful cases like injunction applications to intricate, cross-border disputes that may reach the highest courts. We have substantial experience in handling international disputes within the Greek legal system.

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Intellectual Property

We provide IP services such as portfolio management and IP due diligence, prosecution and registration of patents, trademarks and copyrights, IP enforcement and litigation, licensing and technology transfer, IP strategy and counseling, anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, assistance with IP transactions and agreements.

Counselor Law using a tablet Help in explaining about intellectual property law, contract paperwork on desk.

Blockchain and
Smart Contracts

From the very outset, we specialized in the groundbreaking field of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Our law firm prepares a series of template contracts that can be purchased by the concerned parties, without the direct involvement of a lawyer. These contracts are automatically enforced, eliminating theoretically the need for litigation over unmet expectations. This innovation not only streamlines many common transactions but could also signify a dramatic shift in the legal industry, as the requirement for direct lawyer involvement is removed. Welcome to a new era of legal convenience and efficiency, where we guide you through these cutting-edge solutions.

source code of Ethereum, open source framework for the creation of smart contracts for blockchain systems. System for creating cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based services. detail of the source code