Operating a Tourism Agency in Greece

Aug 31, 2023

Starting a tourism agency in Greece requires navigating through a series of bureaucratic procedures. It is important to be well-informed about the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth start to your venture. This article outlines the documents required for obtaining a "Certificate of Compliance with Legal Requirements" to operate a tourism agency in Greece.

Basic Requirements

1. Application Form

An application form, duly filled, is the first and foremost requirement. This will include basic information about the business and the business owner.

2. Articles of Association

If the applicant is a legal entity, the company's articles of association and any amendments must be provided. The document should clearly indicate who the authorized representative of the company is.

3. Criminal Record

A general-use criminal record must be submitted either for the individual business owner or the legal representative of the company.

4. Bankruptcy Certificate

A certificate from the Court confirming the non-bankruptcy status of the applicant, whether an individual or a legal entity, is necessary.

5. Proof of Office Space

Documentary evidence, such as property deeds or lease agreements (endorsed by the competent authority), must be provided to prove the business premises.

6. Insurance Contract

An insurance contract must be included, displaying the contract number and the name of the insurance company.

7. Fee

A fee of 300 € plus a 9 € stamp duty and an additional 1.80 € is to be paid.

8. Guarantee Letter

A five-year guarantee letter in favor of the Greek State or the Ministry of Tourism, amounting to 5,000 €, is also required.

Additional Requirements for Transportation Service

If the tourism agency also provides a complimentary transportation service to its customers using private cars with a driver (e.g., nine-seater van), additional documentation is required:

1. Additional Application

An additional application for this service needs to be submitted.

2. Vehicle Certifications

A vehicle classification certificate and photocopies of the circulation licenses of the vehicles owned by the business must be submitted.

3. Additional Fee

A deposit of 100 € in favor of the Greek State is required, plus a stamp duty of 3 € and an additional 60 cents.

Note: The private cars used for this service should not have been in circulation for more than ten years from the date of their first circulation permit, as long as this date does not differ from the date of manufacture by more than one year.

Our Law Office

Understanding and preparing the necessary documentation can significantly ease the process of starting a tourism agency in Greece. Our law office and our financial advisors ensure all regulations and requirements are met.