Efficient and Immediate Judicial Protection in Greece

Aug 05, 2023

After a decade of profound economic crisis in Greece, the delayed issuance of judicial decisions and the artificial inability of debtors to cover their obligations have hindered the effective recovery of owed debts. In many cases, the efforts of creditors to claim their dues have not yielded the desired results. To address these challenges, our law firm specializes in providing the most effective and immediate protection for your interests through the issuance of interim attachment orders on the debtor's assets. By applying strict pressure and freezing the debtor's bank accounts within 1-2 days, we compel them to come to terms with you and settle their debts. We act swiftly by seeking the assistance of the competent court, and with our fast track procedure, we request the conservative seizure of all movable and immovable property until the issuance of the payment order or court decision determining the debt amount. 

Understanding Conservative Seizure

Conservative seizure is a preventative security measure available to creditors to satisfy their monetary claims against debtors. It aims to ensure that there are assets available for compulsory execution and that the debtor has not disposed of them beforehand. The purpose of conservative seizure is to prevent risk and secure the creditor's future enforcement, providing reassurance when the claim is enforced with an executable title. It acts as a form of provisional judicial protection for the creditor concerning their monetary claim, particularly when definitive protection is delayed, and there is a risk that the debtor might transfer their assets, thus hindering the creditor's ability to enforce their rights when they possess an executable title.

Swift and Effective Action

With the experience and expertise of our law firm, we ensure a rapid response to your legal needs. By filing for conservative seizure within one day through the competent court, we initiate a fast track procedure to protect your interests promptly. This proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of debtors evading their obligations or dissipating their assets, increasing the likelihood of successful debt recovery.

High Success Rate

Our track record speaks for itself, with a success rate exceeding 90% in obtaining interim attachment orders from the judiciary. Our experienced legal team leverages their expertise to ensure that your case is strategically presented, increasing the chances of receiving favorable judicial decisions.